Are you considering selling your property?

We are convinced:

With Next Estate you achieve more.

As a specialized real estate agency, we have been brokering condominiums in our core locations Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and the surrounding area to the highest customer satisfaction since 2009.

Six reasons that make working with us unique and why we are the ideal partner for a successful brokerage of your property:

Walk-In Office directly at Kollwitzplatz
Exclusive Data Base of Search Profiles
Professional Staging and Exposés
International Marketing Approach
Full-Service Promise
Transparant evaluation

Walk-In-Office directly at Kollwitzplatz

Our Office: The
most visited Showroom
of Prenzlauer Berg

Our inviting walk-in office has been located on Kollwitzstraße 38 – in close proximity to popular Kollwitzplatz in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg – since 2009.

We deeply value an open-door policy: we are available to answer any questions you might have – whether you want to sell your property or find a new home or investment.

We meet every fourth buyer in our office

Given our outstanding location on one of Berlin’s most popular streets, which is known for its many cafés and restaurants, we are approached by people actively looking for a new home almost every day.

The direct exchange with our clients creates trust and allows us to prepare detailed search profiles for many of our clients, and being committed to marketing your property.

Initital Contact of a later buyer - internal evaluation - Next Estate GmbH 2019

Extensive database of qualified search requests

We are experts
for a discreet and
succesful sale of
your property

Our database is the result of 12 years of serving our clients in the Berlin real estate market. Search requests as well as contact requests and requests for viewing properties in the immediate neighbourhood are submitted to us on a daily basis – whether at our walk-in office or through our website or any of the common property portals – and continuously expand our client base.

Internal evaluations show: your property will reach a unique audience through Next Estate.

One in two properties is sold through our internal mailing

Due to our consistent focus, almost all of our clients are looking for a new home or investment in Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and neighbouring districts. As a result, our mailings are addressed to the right audience which makes us the perfect partner for a descreet sale of your apartment. You find an overview of our references below. 

How did the later buyer got informed of the bought property? - internal evaluation - Next Estate GmbH 2019

Professional Staging and International Exposés

We add value to
your apartment

For the purpose of realizing its full marketing potential, we will upgrade your property by means of staging and arranging for any necessary repairs.

Indidivual property description in German and English as well as impressive pictures of professional photographer are the components of your particulars (exposés).

Staging with amazing designer

To bring your property to life, if needed, we will use carefully selected furniture and decoration. The positive impact of staging on a successful sale has been confirmed by numerous studies

Basic repairs and renovations included

We will set the stage – basic repairs and renovations such as painting, cleaning, etc. make sure your property makes a great first impression. No extra fee will be charged by Next Estate for this service.


Compelling pictures and visualized floor plans

A picture is worth a thousand words. In order to make sure that potential buyers will fall in love with your property, we rely exclusively on photographers specialized in real estate photography. In addition, we are contracting a professional, external partner for the purpose of drafting floor plans to scale.

Expressive property descriptions in German and English

Each property has its unique merits which need to be highlighted. All property descriptions are prepared in a customized way with utmost attention to detail by Next Estate. Taking account of the demands of our international clientele, we make all property particulars available in German and English.


International Marketing Approach

We reach an unique and highly qualified audience

Next Estate uses the entire range of contemporary marketing tools. You decide which ones we use for your property.

Whether entirely discreet “off market” within our client network or with maximum reach and special placement on the best national and international real estate platforms, social networks, or our own website.

Additional requests with

As a result of continuous investment in our online presence, our website has become the place to go for people from all over the world looking for a new home or profitable investment in Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, in particular, but also in other Berlin districts. When being listed on our website, your property will reach a large, targeted audience.

Today receive more requests through our website than through all property portals combined.

Verteilung der Kontaktanfragen - interne Auswertung - Next Estate GmbH 2019

Special Placement on all Property Portals

Of course, we also market your property on every relevant national property portal and in the social networks, if requested, to reach an even wider audience of potential buyers.

No extra fee will be charged for special placement to present your property even more prominently.

Trustworthy Cooperations with selected Partner-Agencies

We have built relationships with reliable and well-established partner agencies with whom we have been successfully cooperating for several years and which we can engage anytime for the purpose of selling your property.

This does not have any impact on both the buyer and the seller since we will share the commission in case the sale is successfully. completed.


Full-Service Promise

We believe: Together we are better.

In contrast to many other real estate agencies, all of the staff of Next Estate are employed on a permanent basis, working together towards a common goal:

A successful and smooth sale of your property to a happy buyer.

Our Value Propositions:

  • Fast response time
    We immediately and carefully respond to all enquiries, and provide relevant information proactively.
  • Flexibel Viewing times
    Individual as well as weekend viewings are standard services provided by Next Estate.
  • Professional Support
    At Next Estate, you soley meet true real estate experts
  • Professional network
    We rely on an extensive network of professional partners who support us in providing a comprehensive service to our clients.

All inclusive!

We get in touch with the competent courts, public authorities, notaries public, property management companies and other authorities to collect and screen all documents relevant for the sale.

Next Estate will pay all fees and charges arising in this context.


Professional and transparent valuation

We combine experience with transparency

In order to estimate the true value of your apartment, we combine years of experience of sold apartments, the current market situation as well our on hand search profiles.

By doing so, we outperform the price expecations of the owners almost everytime.

Market environment analysis included

In order to provide transparency, we prepare a comprehensive market environment analysis in addition to every valuation, including:

  • Overview of comparable property offers in the immediate neighbourhood, updated on a daily basis
  • Development of average prices and current average prices of condominiums in the immediate neighbourhood
  • Examples of successfully sold, comparable properties
  • … and so on.

Are you interested in the value of your property or you would like to make an non-binding appointment?

We would be happy to discuss your property needs.

Contact us by phone at +49 30 / 40 30 100 0 or e-mail at

You can also use our form to provide us with key data of our property and we will respond within one working day, providing an initial assessment.

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Marvin Osei - Head of Department
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Selection of apartments sold in 2020:

Rykestraße | 10405 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 65 qm
Schönhauser Allee | 10405 Prenzlauer Berg | 220qm | Maisonette
Bötzowstraße | 10407 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 123 qm
Ahlbecker Straße | 10437 Prenzlauer Berg | Dachgeschoss | 121 qm
Saarbrücker Straße | 10405 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 90 qm
Sredzkistraße | 10405 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 94 qm
Ebertystraße | 10249 Friedrichshain | Dachgeschoss | 130 qm
Ebertystraße | 10249 Friedrichshain | Dachgeschoss | 139 qm
Lychener Straße | 10437 Prenzlauer Berg | Dachgeschoss | 115 qm
Danziger Straße | 10407 Prenzlauer Berg | Dachgeschoss | 268 qm
Bänschstraße | 10247 Friedrichshain | Etagenwohnung | 75 qm
Chausseestraße | 10115 Mitte | Etagenwohnung | 94 qm
Bänschstraße | 10247 Friedrichshain | Maisonette | 80 qm
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße | 10407 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 67 qm
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße | 10407 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 118 qm
Sredzkistraße | 10435 Prenzlauer Berg | Etagenwohnung | 61 qm
Schönhauser Allee | 10435 Prenzlauer Berg | Maisonette | 383 qm
Rheinsberger Straße | 10435 Mitte | Etagenwohnung | 73 qm
Kärntener Straße | 10827 Schöneberg | Loft | 185 qm


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10405 Berlin
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Opening Hours Office:

Monday – Friday 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

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