Hamburg eyes vacant commercial property for use as refugee-housing

HH is the Hamburg License Plate city-code

Hamburg could well be the first city/state in Germany to seize vacant commercial property for use as refugee-housing.

A new state law passed its first reading in the state parliament last Wednesday.

Not far away in the other north-western German city state of Bremen, authorities are considering passing a similar law.

Hamburg’s new law -if approved- would be a temporary, one-off, emergency measure only. Owners of vacant or free commercial properties would be fully compensated.

The law does not include any residential property and  explicitly exempts any empty private residential properties.

Even sea-going containers are now being used for some refugee housing –

The Next-Estate Blog will follow this story – how adding about 1 million souls to  a population of circa 83 million people in a short period of time will effect real-estate supply and demand.

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