Positive Outlook for Berlin Property Investments in 2017


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Positive Outlook for Berlin Property Investments in 2017

It is always positive to end the year – and start the new year- with some ‚feel-good‘ and uplifting news. And the good news is that of the five leading European cities for overall investment and development prospects in 2017  Berlin is Number 1, followed by Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dublin and Munich.

This according to an article written by Robert McHugh from the Irish ‚BusnessWorld.ie‘, which also said that capital flows into Europe will ‘remain strong and investors will continue to value European real estate for yield in comparison to the attractive risk/return expectations in other asset classes.’

The article also pointed out that European and international political instability could pose significant challenges in the coming year with almost nine out of ten respondents listing it as their top concern for 2017. Donald Trump’s election, Brexit, the Italian referendum rejection, upcoming Dutch, French and German elections to come in 2017 – any of these could potentially lead to  market volatility in Europe.

But despite this uncertainty and change, investors seem only slightly less confident about their business prospects than they were last year.

But it is not only the Irish – who might well be accused of being eternally optimistic -that view the 2017 prospects for Berlin Real Estate in a positive light.

This from the American ‚Urban Land Institute; ‚In the search for safe havens, German cities will be Europe’s most preferred real estate investment and development destinations in 2017-Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich take top spots in ULI and PwC’s annual city rankings‘.

While there might well be some  ‘game-changers’ in Europe in the coming year 2017, International Property Investors will continue to attempt to ‘future-proof’ their portfolios by buying into proven and stable property markets, which Berlin clearly is. The key liquidity indicators for the Berlin real- estate market, both commercial and residential, are and will remain fundamentally strong.

We have written many times on this blog and given many reasons why an investment in Berlin Real Estate makes sense, and all indications show that this will remain the case for the coming year 2017.

Next-Estate in Berlin would like to extend to all our Blog readers and friends the very best wishes for 2017!