Berlin scores high in ‚Most livable City in the World‘ awards

BERLIN RIVER Building Photos 016

Berlin has been lauded again, this time as ‚2nd most livable City in the World‘.

According to the New York magazine METROPOLIS. „Berlin, once dubbed the metropolis “condemned forever to becoming and never to being,” is yet again in flux as it absorbs new demographics: nomadic tech start-up workers, young creatives in search of affordable studios, and refugees seeking new lives.“

There are many such surveys. There is the  ‚Economist Intelligence Unit global “liveability” study‘, ‚Monocle Magazine‘ and the UK’s ‚BusinessInsider‘  , and all have brought to the attention of their readers how wonderful a place Berlin really is to live in.

While it clearly has the fastest growing economy in Germany, Berlin also remains one of the greenest cities in the world with a plethora of parks, lakes and woodlands. Along with the all the world class museums, the ‘Berlin Film Festival’ and the Berlin Philharmonic, the city hosts one of the most vibrant cultural and artistic scenes in the world.‘

It also is home to circa 150,000 students, and hosts 2 out of the 6 German universities ranked in the ‚Times top 100 institutions‘ . Humboldt University of Berlin is the top-ranked institution outside the US and the UK.

This high livability factor is just one more of  those positive ‘givens’ which make buying a property in Berlin in 2016 such a ‘no-brainer’ – namely the popularity of everything that is Berlin!

We wrote about this earlier this year on this blog; ‚The ‘creative classes’, international painters, writers, film-makers, musicians, and internet-startups make Berlin their home base and have done so for more than a decade. The percentage of Berlin’s 3.5 million residents who are younger than 35 years old is 40% and they provide the core of the city’s creative energy.

These important players are essential to create a lively world city, and they have indeed pushed Berlin into the Paris, London and New York league of sought after international capital cities.‘

In the end it does not really matter who is first or last in these ‚best-cities‘ surveys or questionaires. As Berliners, we at Next-Estate know already how great a city it is to live in – because we experience it everyday!