SHEBEEN FLICK – IRISH FILM FESTIVAL BERLIN – Bargaintown: The Dublin of the 1980s was ‘beautiful, not bleak’

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Irish Film Festival in Berlin

‚Shebeen Flick 2016‘

17th-20th March 2016

Thursday 17th March 2016

2000 hrs  ‚Bargaintown‘  by DAVID JAZAY(Premiere + Q&A + Drinks Reception)

‘Moviemento Theater’ Kottbusser Damm 22 in Berlin-Kreuzberg

‚Shebeen Flick 2016‘ will take place on 17th-20th March in ‚Kino Moviemento‘ showing a curated programme of Irish films that have not yet been distributed in Germany alongside selected favourite Irish classics.

Yes it is one month away, but better to organize for it now and therefore we are going to review some of the films. Today ‚Opening night‘ will feature ‚Bargaintown‘ by David Jazay.

The German film-maker David Jazay created this poetic documentary on life along Dublin’s Liffey Quays in the late 1980’s. It has interviews with local Dublin residents and store owners -shopkeepers, antique dealers and others. It is a testament to the lives and opinions of what used to be Dublin years before the economic boon of the 1980’s changed the life of the inner city.
 Jazay follows an auction at Tormey brother’s, a night of song and dance at the old Workingmen’s club on Wellington quay, and performances by veteran bluesman Frank Quigley. The film was restored last year, the costs which were covered by the Irish Film Institute and Goethe-Institut Dublin.

There is an excellent article in the ‚‘ which describes the film, and the history of the film. ‚The Dublin of the 1980s was ‘beautiful, not bleak’ – “it was such a unique era in time. Just before the buildings were torn down or completely made over. It was obvious it was going to change soon.” –

Irish films growing international reputation

While known for its many good actors, Irish film making and film makers have until now been rarely heard of outside Eire. Irish cinema a decade ago had only two filmmakers anyone had heard of, namely Neil Jordan and Jim Sheridan. The Irish film industry has grown in recent years thanks partly to the promotion by the ‚Bord Scannán na hÉireann‘ -Irish Film Board, along with substantial tax breaks.

Things have changed and Ireland now has more than a dozen directors and writers with significant and growing international reputations. Ireland has now reached a stage of ‚critical mass‘ in filmmaking talent to match the kind of influence that it has historically had in the fields of literature and theatre in the English speaking world.

‘Moviemento Theater’ Kottbusser Damm 22 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

All showings will be at the The ‘Moviemento Theater’ on Kottbusser Damm 22 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The ‘Moviemento Theater’ has a pretty illustrious history, being founded in 1907 by the Berliner restaurateur Alfred Topp . Over the years the name was changed several times-since 1984 it bears the name „Moviemento“.

We will be writing up some of the films and their directors of ‚ Shebeen Flick‘ of which Next-Estate is proud to be one of the sponsors .