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Berlin Mitte
Five reasons to buy Berlin Apartments in 2016
November 22, 2015

Are you planning invest in property in the USA or UK in 2016? If so then maybe it makes sense to consider Germany as well.. due to the strength of the dollar and pound, German property- and in particular Berlin property- has never been more interesting. Prices have risen in Berlin but in essence […]

Business in Berlin

‘Berlin is attracting interest from Middle East real estate investors’  says a recent report on the Jordanian website ‘Al Bawaba’.  ––766912 Quoting  ‘Global Real Estate Outlook’ published by the Hong Kong based property investment firm IP Global, the article says Berlin is attracting interest from Middle East real estate investors who see a booming economy, strong […]

  An art exhibit entitled ‘Heimat in Himmel ‘ by the Spanish artist Fernando de la Cueva  opened at the Berlin Offices of NEXT ESTATE on Friday the 23rd October . The show will remain until June 2016 . It is presented by NEXT ESTATE in cooperation with the IB ISABEL BILBAO Galerie.  NEXT ESTATE, Kollwitzstraße 38, 10405 Berlin, Next Estate […]

Berlin History

  Berlin is still considering about the future of the former Tempelhof Airport Terminal buildings. This is prime real-estate in the most dynamic of European cities and yet there is no clear plan or consensus how to best utilize them. Anyone who has been to Berlin or knows the city knows its first – and the world’s first real capital airport – namely […]

Business in Berlin

Berlin is a ‘no-brainer’ for British property buyers – or so says Saundra Satterlee in an article which appeared earlier this year in the UK daily newspaper the Telegraph. The article says that …”the central district known as ‘Berlin-Mitte’ is the most popular property destination for international buyers.” – This has certainly been the case […]

Commercial Real Estate Berlin

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) addresses lack of suitable Construction sites for Residential Properties. Places to build your building are in Berlin are becoming more scarce, especially for residential development investors. This was reported in an annual residential market barometer compiled by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) that based its conclusion after having consulted more than 200 Berlin […]

German Real Estate

Hamburg could well be the first city/state in Germany to seize vacant commercial property for use as refugee-housing. A new state law passed its first reading in the state parliament last Wednesday. Not far away in the other north-western German city state of Bremen, authorities are considering passing a similar law. Hamburg’s new law -if approved- would be a temporary, one-off, emergency measure only. Owners […]

Business in Berlin

  TECH Company Boom in Berlin helps lower Commercial Vacancy rates – says Wall Street Journal. In an article entitled “Tech Companies Flock to Berlin -City now vies with London as startup capital of Europe”  the American Wall Street Journal wrote today about the up-coming real-estate potential of the city. The article mentions that demand has been driving […]