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Donald Trump – Berlin and German Real Estate
January 19, 2017

Donald Trump – Berlin and German Real Estate There are not too many neutrals when one discusses Donald J. Trump -neither in America or in Europe. But love him, or hate him, the controversial Mr Trump will be sworn in tomorrow as the 45th US president. What not too many people are aware of is […]

Berlin Property

Positive Outlook for Berlin Property Investments in 2017 It is always positive to end the year – and start the new year- with some ‘feel-good’ and uplifting news. And the good news is that of the five leading European cities for overall investment and development prospects in 2017  Berlin is Number 1, followed by Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dublin […]

Berlin Property
5 Best reasons to invest in Berlin Property
December 21, 2016

We wrote at the end of last year on this blog that 2016 would be an opportune time to invest in Berlin Property. And we were not the only ones! And now one year later ……….we agree and think the same about 2017! 1-Berlin – A World Leading Address 1-Berlin is simply unique, both within Europe and the world. […]

Berlin Property

German Tax reform proposals will boost Berlin real-estate market In an article entitled “Tax reform could further heat up German real-estate market”, the German government owned ‘Deutsche Welle’ highlights that a recent  proposed cut to the real estate acquisition tax could make purchasing Berlin properties even cheaper. All of Germany’s 16 federal states – of which […]

Brexit and Germany

Germany ranked first place of Europe’s most active markets for Commercial Real Estate Investment, according to an article from the UK based IPE Real Estate, who provide Global market intelligence for institutional real estate investment. “The UK has fallen into second place behind Germany in a ranking of Europe’s most active markets for commercial real estate investment, according […]

Berlin Mitte

Many potential Berlin property investors ask themselves which is the best area into which they should purchase real estate, and an important aspect of this is to know where Berliners themselves want to live. While it may not be a determining factor in where to buy real-estate, it helps to understand exactly how Berlin functions and savy investors […]

Berlin Property

German commercial real estate benefits – ‘Brexit feeds into more European commercial real estate numbers’ The ‘FTSE Global Trading’ of London today wrote about how BREXIT is causing withdrawals from UK property funds and reinvestment in German commercial real estate. The article says that circa € 1.6bn has already been pulled from UK property and […]

Berlin Property

Seller´s guide to selling in Berlin Choose a Berlin based Real Estate Agent Ask the agent which homes they have sold in your area, how they will market your home and how quickly their last five properties have sold. Be wary of agents who will lock you in for six months with a selling contract. […]

Berlin Property

Berlin has been lauded again, this time as ‘2nd most livable City in the World’. According to the New York magazine METROPOLIS. “Berlin, once dubbed the metropolis “condemned forever to becoming and never to being,” is yet again in flux as it absorbs new demographics: nomadic tech start-up workers, young creatives in search of affordable studios, […]

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