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Berlin Property

  ‘Berlin bubble? Property is booming and rents are rising’ In an article published last Saturday entitled ‘Berlin bubble? Property is booming and rents are rising’   Irish Times Berlin correspondent Derek Scally wrote an interesting article which addressed the many questions current potential investors in Berlin and German real-estate ask themselves. The article opens well […]

Berlin Mitte

Austrian Real Estate Firms Pour Into Berlin “International real estate developers have descended on Berlin over the past decade as the city’s property prices have risen sharply. Home values are up 49% the past five years, elevating the German capital to one of the fastest appreciating markets in Europe. ” So wrote  Troy McMullen in an article […]

Berlin Property

Berlin Residential Rental Prices Rise despite Rental-cap A rental cap, or owner-occupancy rate, is a limit to the number of renters allowed in an apartment building or condo  development and a control of the rents charged . Berlin actually became the first German city to make such a rental-cap a reality, with a capital pioneers law prohibiting […]

German Real Estate
German Property Market finds Crowd-funding
February 23, 2017

    German Property Market finds Crowd-funding In the US online edition of REUTERS, in a very informative article by Tina Bellon from Frankfurt called ‘Crowd-funding finds fanbase in Germany property market’, the growing number of German entrepreneurs turning to crowd-funding in the property industry,  are highlighted . “German crowd-funding proptechs (property technology firms) raised around […]

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Donald Trump – Berlin and German Real Estate
January 19, 2017

Donald Trump – Berlin and German Real Estate There are not too many neutrals when one discusses Donald J. Trump -neither in America or in Europe. But love him, or hate him, the controversial Mr Trump will be sworn in tomorrow as the 45th US president. What not too many people are aware of is […]

Berlin Property

Positive Outlook for Berlin Property Investments in 2017 It is always positive to end the year – and start the new year- with some ‘feel-good’ and uplifting news. And the good news is that of the five leading European cities for overall investment and development prospects in 2017  Berlin is Number 1, followed by Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dublin […]

Berlin Property
5 Best reasons to invest in Berlin Property
December 21, 2016

We wrote at the end of last year on this blog that 2016 would be an opportune time to invest in Berlin Property. And we were not the only ones! And now one year later ……….we agree and think the same about 2017! 1-Berlin – A World Leading Address 1-Berlin is simply unique, both within Europe and the world. […]

Berlin Property

German Tax reform proposals will boost Berlin real-estate market In an article entitled “Tax reform could further heat up German real-estate market”, the German government owned ‘Deutsche Welle’ highlights that a recent  proposed cut to the real estate acquisition tax could make purchasing Berlin properties even cheaper. All of Germany’s 16 federal states – of which […]

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