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Berlin Property

‘Berliner Morgenpost’ reports on Berlin Apartment Privitization For international property investors with an interest in Berlin, there appeared an enlightening and informative article by Jens Anker  in the Berliner Morgenpost, which dealt with the issue of rising number of Apartment-privatizations taking place in Berlin. In spite of a ban in several Berlin districts, the number of rental-apartments […]

Berlin Property

Chinese state funds are currently on a buying spree in Germany An interesting Reuters report by Frankfurt based Tina Bellon from mid-June states that ‘German insurers are seeing increased competition from Asian buyers as they seek to boost investment in domestic real estate to counter the effect of negative interest rates’ German ‘Bunds’ have been the traditional investment of […]

Business in Berlin

‘Brexit’ and Berlin Commerical Real Estate ‘Brexit ‘ -after the UK voted to leave the European Union – means the loss of banking ‘passporting’ rights and will see Bankers move their headquarters from London along with ‘non-UK’ insurance companies that use the UK as their EU base. Some banks have already begun moving their offices from London, and history has shown that when […]

Berlin Mitte

German State Property Laws benefit real-estate investors ‘OPP-Today’ published  an interesting article for those international investors presently owning or thinking of owning  property in Berlin, the German capital.  The article from the ‘Overseas Property Professional News Service’ by Adrian Bishop entitled ‘How property laws are protecting Berlin real estate and benefiting investors’, was published last […]

Business in Berlin
Next-Estate Berlin Partner – JazzRadio
May 25, 2016

Next-Estate Berlin Partner – Jazz Radio We would like to introduce one of our Next-Estate Berlin Partners, namely ‘JazzRadio’, which is officially called ‘New JazzRadio GmbH’. When selling our properties in Berlin we spend a lot of time with clients and showing them our many apartments in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg. And we often […]

Berlin History

Our Best 5 Coffee Places in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Vote in Next-Estate’s 5 Favorite Coffee Places in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg -Kaffee Käthe -Meierei -Cafeck -impala -‘Coffee Star’ – Wortherstrasse =========================================== While there are some sites for the best coffee places in Berlin in general and some sites which speak about the best Coffee brands in […]

Berlin Property

Why are people buying Berlin Properties? This is a question many international property investors are asking and we decided to try and answer some of the more obvious ones to assist those who are contemplating such an investment. Prices are low! First of all, and perhaps most importantly – in comparison to other European capitals like Paris or […]

Buying an apartment in Berlin

A Beautiful two-room apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain! The residential complex “Weberwiese” was built in 1955. It was designed by the famous architect Herrmann Henselmann and is known as one of the greatest German architectural monuments. Hermann Henselmann was the Berlin architect who used social, aesthetic and socio-political aspects between 1950 and 1970. His influence can […]

Berlin Mitte

Germans buying real estate and flock to property as interest rates fall while rents rising For decades Germany has been a nation of tenants and shrewd and sensible savers who rented instead of owning their own home or apartment. However recently, especially in larger urban centres and specifically Berlin, a growing number of Germans are buying their own […]

Berlin Property
‘Brexit’ and Berlin Real Estate
April 14, 2016

  ‘Brexit’ and Berlin Real Estate   The chances of ‘Grexit’ – Greece’s exit from the euro zone – have dissipated while the fears of a ‘Brexit’ – Britain’s exit from the European Union – have not [yet] and Berlin property investors are asking what effect this may have on them. Growing anxiety over the UK’s so-called ‘Brexit’ have already driven […]

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